How Should a Teenager Fill Out a W-4?

When anyone starts a new job, one of the first tasks as a new employee is to fill out their employee paperwork, including their W-4What is a W-4? Everyone must pay taxes on their income.  The W-4 form tells your employer how much money to withhold from your paycheck...

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Get the Most From Your Supervisory Committee

An active Supervisory Committee provides for a healthy credit union by adhering to best practices and assuring the Credit Union has strong internal controls.Set Your Supervisory Committee Up for Success Your credit union Supervisory Committee procedures are performed...

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Why Hire a CPA To Do My Taxes?

Everyone in the work force has an opportunity to maximize their tax returns by decreasing taxable incomes and taking advantage of available deductions.  A CPA understands that a tax return is never a straightforward form.  Every taxpayer has different tax situations...

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