Full-Scale Accounting Support for Credit Unions in Mississppi

Griffin & Furman, CPA firm, has partnered with credit unions across the South for over 20 years.

We have developed a multi-faceted approach that works for all of the credit unions we work with. With a combination of on-site visits, private video conferencing, telecommuting, and secure online document transfers, working with credit unions in Mississippi is second nature to us.

Our accounting staff have first-hand experience as employees of credit unions, and this gives us a valuable point of view with all of our credit union clients.  These first-hand industry experiences and our attention on customized services, provide a valuable and reliable partnership between us and our financial institution partners.

CPA & Accounting Services for Mississippi Credit Unions

Assurance, Advisory, Compliance, and Consulting

Our CPA and accounting team believe in providing excellent services as the foundation of our professional relationships.  We offer services for assurance and audits, all regulatory compliance audits and procedures, loan portfolio services, and consulting and advisory.

For Supervisory Committees

Supervisory Committees face more complex NCUA every year, and we offer training and support to help those volunteers with the ever-increasing regulatory demands.

      • Annual training for up-to-date review of responsibilities
      • Customized four-quarter work plan helps us to manage the overall internal audit needs
      • A 12-month work plan provides a structured agenda and action item outline for Supervisory Committee meetings
      • Management of Supervisory Committee meetings with attendance, planning, and action follow up

Meet Our CPAs and Accountants for Credit Unions

Our certified public accounting firm provides credit unions full-scale accounting support to credit unions across Mississippi.

Stephen Griffin CPA
Stephen M. Griffin, CPA, Managing Partner
Robert Furman CPA
Robert J. Furman, CPA, Partner
Angela M. Warden

Jessica S. Benjamin, Director, Tax and Accounting

Racheal D. Alvey, Manager, Attest, Accounting and Credit Union Financial Specialist
Angela M. Warden

Angela M. Warden, Senior, Attest and Credit Union Compliance Specialist

Angela M. Warden
Bonnie L. Bennett, Senior, Attest
Blake C Scott Tax and Accounting

Blake C. Scott, Staff Auditor

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Our certified public accounting firm provide credit unions full-scale accounting support.

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