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NCUA Call Report Changes in March 2023

by Mar 26, 2023Accounting for Credit Unions

The National Credit Union Administration 5300 Call Reports are quarterly listings of summarized accounts collected from all federally insured credit unions. These must be filed about 30 days after the end of each quarter—so before you file, make sure that you make note of the changes implemented in March 2023.


  • Removed reference to the early adoption period for Accounting Standards Codification Topic 326: Financial Instruments – Credit Losses (CECL), which ended December 15, 2022.
  • Added 2023 CECL adoption dates and net worth adjustment amount. If your credit union chooses to implement CECL during the first quarter of 2023 and records a decline in net worth due to the adoption, please do the following:
    • Select 1/1/2023, 2/1/2023, or 3/1/2023 from the Account NW0001 drop-down menu.
    • Enter the absolute value of the change in net worth in Account NW0002.
  • Clarified that the change in fair value of hedged items should be reported in Account IS0047.
  • Retired collection of Account IS0026.
  • Modified sections 4 and 5 of Schedule C to improve reporting of Borrowings.

There are no changes to the Profile Form this quarter. You can see a full list of changes here.


CUOnline is a web-based program used by credit unions and state supervisory agencies to submit and certify operational and quarterly financial information to the NCUA. CUOnline contains two sections: the Profile and the Call Report.ⁱ 


Starting with the March cycle, CUOnline user administration will be accessed through the NCUA Connect portal. To complete registration, CUOnline users should look for an email from noreply@okta before the March Call Report cycle begins. CUOnline user accounts will be created for credit union users that existed prior to March 15, 2023. After April 1, 2023, the NCUA Connect Administrator will be responsible for adding and removing user accounts and assigning application roles. For more information, access the User Guide for NCUA Connect here.

The NCUA will confirm your CUOnline submission by sending two emails shortly after accepting your Call Report:

  • The first email includes the time-date stamp of the submission
  • The second email includes an automatically generated financial performance report

These emails are sent to the Call Report contacts listed in the Contacts tab of the Profile.


You must certify the Profile before updated contacts will start receiving appropriate email notifications. It may take up to three weeks before the new or updated email addresses begin receiving notifications.


The deadline to file your Call Report and Profile update is April 30, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern. If you need help navigating these changes, contact us here.



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