Services for Supervisory Committees:

Training, Work Plans, and Management


Today’s Credit Unions are faced with the ever-increasing complexities of regulatory scrutiny and compliance standards. Because of the expanding and evolving changes in the NCUA requirements for Supervisory Committees, it is often one of the more difficult volunteer positions for a Credit Union to fill.

The Credit Union’s Board of Directors is often challenged to find volunteers with applicable experience. For those who do accept those positions, it is a demanding responsibility.

At Griffin & Furman, LLC, we go beyond assisting with the audit and compliance requirements—achieving great success from the comprehensive support we offer to Supervisory Committees.


Training for Supervisory Committee Volunteers

The National Credit Union Administration’s requirements for Supervisory Committees increase in complexity yearly due to rising regulatory scrutiny and compliance demands. 

We offer comprehensive training for the annual responsibilities review of the Supervisory Committee. Our training is customized to support those volunteers with quality control, monitoring, and audit and report review guidelines.

This training benefits existing and new volunteers and reflects the most up-to-date guidelines.  

Four-Quarter Work Plan to Fulfill the Role of the Internal Auditor

Our four-quarter work plan helps us to collaborate with Credit Union management and to take responsibility for the overall internal audit needs.

Every Credit Union has unique needs and benefits from a customized work plan. This organizational tool helps us:

      • identify operational and compliance risks
      • make recommendations aligned with policies and regulations
      • review for improvements to decrease risks

Our team also provides a schedule of follow-up actions to ensure that our clients have taken all appropriate measures on audit findings and recommendations—an incredibly beneficial feature to our Credit Union Supervisory Committees.

“Stephen Griffin has been a tremendous help in getting our Supervisory Committee organized allowing our busy volunteers to focus on the big picture. With a few brand new members of the committee, Stephen has been proactive and patient in helping onboard and educate them so they can quickly be productive members.”
Xplore Federal Credit Union

J. T. Hannan, Supervisory Committee Chair, and Neil Johnston, Board Chair

12-Month Work Plan for the Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committees often consist of volunteers with limited hours. Thus, we consistently hear from Credit Unions that they need a schedule to structure those meetings. Our 12-month work plan structures those Supervisory Committee meetings with a clear agenda and defined action items.

This schedule provides the much-needed framework that makes Supervisory Committee meetings more productive and valuable. The 12-month work plan makes the most of the volunteers’ time, which promotes respect and appreciation for their freely-given time and effort.


Supervisory Committee Meeting Management

To support the 12-month work plan, we also personally attend your Supervisory Committee meetings. While volunteers concentrate on their responsibilities, we manage the administrative tasks by planning the schedule and establishing action plans. 

While at the meetings, we also keep the minutes. To assist in completing pending action items, we follow up to ensure the team takes those next steps before the next meeting. 

At Griffin & Furman, we enjoy developing a respectful, cooperative relationship with our Credit Union clients and external contacts, such as the NCUA examiners we frequently work with. A respectful and collaborative spirit is the foundation of trust and professionalism. 

If your Credit Union Supervisory Committee is facing the ever-growing list of guidelines and requirements, please call us to discuss the specific needs of your financial institution.