Accounting and Consulting Services for Businesses

Business, Small Business, Government Entities

Start-ups and growing and mature businesses require solid financial management to achieve success. Griffin & Furman offers business accounting and consulting services to streamline finances and guide businesses into the future.

Accounting Services

We manage the accounting, bookkeeping, and budgeting functions—the foundation of a well-run business—with thorough and diligent accounting practices.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your business checking account regularly maintains banking and accounting records and keeps business taxes up-to-date.

Income Statement

An income statement is a valuable tool for managing revenues and expenses and optimizing the operating performance of a business. With regular updates, an income statement pinpoints metrics to guide corrective action—such as unexpected expenditures or increases in returns.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet allows you to evaluate the financial health of your business, analyze trends, and review the flow of revenues and expenses.

General Ledger Maintenance

Regular reviews of general ledgers uncovers discrepancies such as unrecorded payments. It is critical to keep a general ledger—it is the foundation of a company’s financial statements.


Consultations help interpret and utilize financial records—facilitating growth through strategic planning, inventory controls, forecasting, and budgeting.

Industries Served By Our Accountant Team

Government & Public Sector

Transparency, efficiency, and accountability are essential for public sector organizations when executing duties and spending public funds. Our team is dedicated to assisting government entities and municipalities of all sizes in maintaining internal controls, protecting assets, and satisfying regulatory and compliance issues.

Health Clubs

Our health and fitness accounting services are appropriate for dance or fitness studios, gyms, or freelance personal trainers. Having once owned a franchise of health clubs, our partners at Griffin & Furman understand the considerations of health and fitness accounting—such as prepaid items, cash flow, and memberships.


For pharmacy clients, our accounting practices provide meaningful information for the operations of any pharmacy.  Independent pharmacists operate in a highly regulated and competitive environment.  With thorough accounting, we assist with identifying sales behaviors, costs, and potential efficiencies and risks. We understand the nuances of operating an independent pharmacy.


The Griffin & Furman team understands the construction industry—including rising costs, regulatory changes, and difficulty obtaining financing. General contractors or subcontractors who work in specialized fields such as road construction, oilfields, shipbuilding, and more can benefit from our accounting, consulting, and tax preparation to build a more profitable construction company.


Accounting for nonprofits doesn’t start and stop with Form 990. Nonprofits, not-for-profits, and 501(c)3 organizations have unique demands for compliance in regard to fundraising, organizational structure, and financial and regulatory concerns. In addition to auditing, we provide constructive recommendations for more efficient processes and stronger internal controls, and we regularly advise Boards in compliance and other improvements.

Medical / Healthcare

For dental, medical, and chiropractic practices, clinics, labs, and physicians, we offer an approach to help our clients face the challenges of increasing industry change.  We combine advisory, audit, and tax accounting to address service-line profitability, delivery of care efficiencies, risk management, and return on investment.

Professional and Other Business Entities

Business accounting services at Griffin & Furman include financial reporting, tax preparation and strategy, and CFO services. Our accountants analyze records to perform audits, create reports, and prepare income statements, balance sheets, and tax returns.  Our services support business owners by looking for growth opportunities, watching industry trends, and optimizing cash flow.

Accountants For Your Business Or Government Entity

We take a personalized approach to service. Our dedicated team gets to know you and your business, developing monthly organizational and tax strategies that work for you. Call today!