Hire An Outsourced CFO For Business Growth

Business owners and executive decision-makers of organizations are challenged with the daily demands of running a business—tackling growth needs, profitability, cash flow, opportunities for acquisition or merger, and so much more.

Hiring an experienced Chief Financial Officer is the solution to providing strategic advice on cash flow planning, debt and equity financing, and financial forecasting.

part-time CFO (sometimes called a “fractional CFO”) supports your business and allows business owners to have the guidance of an experienced financial executive without the cost of hiring a full-time executive employee.


Outsourced CFO Services

Griffin & Furman provides businesses with expert financial guidance through outsourced CFO services. These services below are just some of the ways that our CFOs will optimize a business’s financial health:

Cash Management

Cash flow is often the biggest challenge for most business owners and executives. An outsourced CFO will help manage revenues and expenditures to optimize cash flow.

A review of cash flows will help understand overall financial strengths and weaknesses and allow for improvements.


A CFO can help arrange credit lines or restructure existing ones. A CFO will help find the creditors who can provide the needed capital for future growth and advise on the business’s mix of equity and debt.

Financial Reporting

The principal role of a CFO is to understand and improve the business’s financial standing through financial reports.

Using the data in standard financial statements, a part-time CFO can develop reports specialized to your business needs and recommend metrics to track the effectiveness of products or efforts.

Ongoing Strategic Planning and Forecasting

Our CFO professionals use data-driven strategic planning to manage the process for annual planning and to create forecasts and budgets. They also facilitate meetings to keep the business accountable and correctly adapt plans for trends or the unexpected.

Mergers and Acquisitions

For businesses or organizations considering a merger or acquisition, we assist with deal structuring, future forecasting, cash flows, negotiating letters of intent, and reviewing purchase agreements.

CFO For A Fraction Of The Cost

Many businesses and organizations never even consider the availability of a part-time Chief Financial Officer, but outsourcing CFO functions is a cost-effective solution to having a financial expert guide a business.

Hiring a part-time CFO from Griffin & Furman equates to gaining a reliable and trusted team member. Opting for part-time professionals over full-time provides the business with leadership and experience at a fraction of the cost.

The scope of the work and the professional’s skillset will determine the actual cost. Whether the business requires a short-term project, specific tasks, or monthly service work will determine whether the agreed-upon costs are paid hourly, as a fixed fee for service, or in monthly retainers.



Advantages of Outsourced CFO Services

Affordable Growth

For many small businesses, a full-time CFO is out of reach. Part-time CFO services provide CFO expertise for a fraction of the cost.

Outside Perspective

An outsourced CFO brings a fresh look at your metrics to offer new insights. As our professionals generally have prior experience working with similar businesses, they can offer those observations from a deep and insightful level of experience.

CEO Support

A CFO aids an organization’s CEO by taking responsibility for the financial tasks and freeing the CEO’s time for other executive efforts. A CFO will provide sound financial recommendations to put your company on the path to success.


It can be difficult to scale an organization’s needs—thus, the services of an outsourced CFO may grow (or shrink) with the up and down periods of a business.

Outsourced CFO To Guide Your Business’s Growth

An outsourced CFO can significantly support the strategic decisions for the future of your business or organization.  Griffin & Furman is ready to help you achieve your financial goals. Call our team today!